Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bungie Missed The Memo

So...sometime this morning Bungie and Activision announced a 10 year partnership. I think they missed the memo about Infinity Ward.

The deal allows Bungie to retain control of their company. This isn't a buy out or an acquisition. But it's quite a quinky-dink on timing as Infinity Ward is being stripped. I guess it's a win for Activision. If you can't have Call of Duty, let's get the guys that make Halo and still keep our hands in the FPS gold pot.

Bungie President Harold Ryan stated in the press conference:

“We chose to partner with Activision on our next IP because of their global reach, multi-platform experience and marketing expertise.”

While Activision Blizzard COO followed up with:

"Bungie has developed some of the most compelling and successful games, multiplayer experiences and thriving fan communities, and this alliance underscores our long-standing commitment to foster the industry’s best creative talent. Our unprecedented partnership with Bungie will enable us to broaden our pipeline of exciting new games as we continue to strengthen our industry position and pursue long-term growth opportunities."

This is turning into an episode of All My Children.


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