Sunday, April 04, 2010


A new blog. A fresh start. A new year, to an extent. Not quite a new lease on life, but it is a beginning for something new.

For anyone who has any knowledge of Blogger, it will take you all of 3 seconds to figure out my past blog history has been fuzzy. 3 of the blogs were school related (anime, political vloging, and abstract thought?) and one is an ongoing experiment into the oddities of parallel design with film and gaming. Not the best topics in the world, but they kept my brain entertained, briefly.

But onto something new, and familiar. A topic that is near and dear to me and comprises my life style. Geekery. The act of geekiness. All things geek glorious. A daily update of the geeky world, primed for public viewing. Maybe reviewing would be a more appropriate word. My hope is to bring in something new to your eyes, something that you never knew, or perhaps a moment to laugh at our geeky selves. Whatever the situation, enjoy!

For a first post, something grand on the epic scale was considered. But that would be cliché. I could go the way of the IPad and make Apple’s head grow even larger, but again, too predictable. It doesn’t help that every media outlet in the United States has been focusing on the release of this “unique” electronic device. (When did that become popular? We’ve moved from American Idol auditions to Apple release nights for news. I couldn’t imagine that 3 years ago). Or there is always my favorite subject, video game transgressions. But that becomes a wonderful backup to the postings where I’m drawing a blank on new chic criteria.

I guess this is a moment that is best to keep it simple and explain a little bit about myself and my personality. Why video games? Or more accurately, why entertainment culture? My interest is based on a simple premise: enjoyment for the sake of enjoyment. I love the idea of creating something that will transport a person away from reality and into another realm where there are no limits to the story. That is partly why I spent 8+ years in school working on a multitude of degrees in film/media studies. It wasn’t until my senior year of my undergraduate degree that video gaming began to develop into a field of study for theory. Not that it’s all the way there, but it is progressing. It’ll be a matter of time. Since then, I’ve been involved in the merging of film and gaming into a new field.

Not movies based on video games. Those are terrible. The only good one was Street Fighter. When I was 11.

I mean the integration of interactivity into movies. More then 3d and smell-o-vision. It’s an idea that is currently in the workings by the super powers that be in Hollywood. Not that this will be a revolutionary wave in the next decade. My bet is 15-20 years down the road. Don’t quote me on that unless I’m correct.

I’ve always been fascinated by movies and video games. My family had an Atarti 2600 in the house before I was born. Still have the system. Works like its 25 years old. But it’s still running! I can spend days watching making of features for movies and enjoy every second of it. I’ve immersed myself into that culture. Prior to college, I’m sure I was the outcast. But now it’s cool to be a geek. (Again, when did that happen? Last I checked, being smart puts you on the bottom of the food chain of social adaptation). I’m cool 10 years too late. Lame. Maybe it’s for the best. All of those life lessons would have passed by if I were cool.

Games and movies were a way to allow me to reinvasion the world; to tell stories in a new way; to use that creative bump in my brain that allows me to make up the good, the bad, and the craptastic stuff that I do. Maybe I praise video games too much, but what’s wrong with that? I’ve seen them do some fantastic things for people with learning disabilities, weight problems, and spark creativity back into the Ikeman minds with children. Yes, I can see the argument about the negative impact, but I enjoy engaging in that conversation. >.> 2 degrees on my side have added a buttload of knowledge. I have to use it for something!

Now I spend my days exploring the geek world that has emerged. But there you go. A brief summary on why I am the geek chic girl that I am. The blog concept might not be new, but it'll be a fun experience.


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