Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nintendo's 3D system slated for October

I'm not a fan of 3D. Mostly because I can't view 3D. My eyes are restricted to glasses and with some pretty bad astigmatism, I can't wear contacts. 3D is still limited to those goofy glasses. Sure, they have come along over the past decade, but not to the point where they can replace my eyesight.

But now Nintendo has announced a release date for the 3D DS Lite system. It will not be a purchase for me.

The way that it sounds, only a very limited selection of titles will be made into 3D. Any previous DS games you have will be obsolete on the system. At least, that's how they are making it out to be. Add in a higher price tag and a mandatory goofy glasses, the system is losing it's portability. Even the DSi XL is pushing the limit. If it can't fit in my purse, it's not a portable system.

It also feels as though Nintendo is moving too fast on it's DS iterations. The length of time between the original DS and DS Lite was well spaced. It gave the DS a few years to grow with the audience and allowed for an easy transaction to the Lite. Lite to DSi went the same way. But the XL and 3DS are moving in too fast. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo's sales figures for the XL are not as expected. The DSi barely came out a year ago. The consumer needs more time. It's too much, too soon. And I don't enjoy the thought of having to carry around 3 sets of glasses to play my system (normal, sun, and 3D).

Admittedly though, I would enjoy playing Phoenix Wright and have him yell Objection! with his finger protruding out of the screen. That might be worth the system purchase.


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