Friday, May 07, 2010

Angry Wii!

So there's been another "incident" of anger over a game that caused a man to assault his own mother and hit a pedestrian with his car yesterday. But it was over a Wii game.

Here's the thing. What Wii game would cause someone to be so fustrated that they would harm other people?

I get the slip of the hand and sending the Wiimote into the TV, or across the room, or at your cat if you have good enough aim. But I don't know of a single Wii game that would make me so mad that I would want to hurt someone. Maybe Madworld? But that was a breeze and required little brain power. Maybe Mario Kart Wii? Sure I've been upset at losing a race, but not to the point of throwing my wii wheel out the window. Wii Sports? I just laugh. Whatever game this individual was playing, clearly he's nuts. You can't be angry over a Wii game.


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