Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Iron Man 2 - Because everyone else is talking about GoW

I could talk about the new God of War PSP game that everyone is talking about, but let's face it. Everyone else is already talking. Instead, I'm going to write about Iron Man 2. Why? Because I went to an early screening today. Feel jealous?

To the point, it's not as good as the first movie. But then again, it is a rare commodity to have a sequel live up to its predecessor. I.E. The Empire Strikes Back and The Godfather II are the only sequels that I can remember being as good as the original. Is Iron Man 2 still a good movie? Well it's not bad and it will surely entertain those who enjoyed the first film.


Better fight sequences. The bigger budget is being put to greater use in this film. More metal on metal combat in super shiny mode.

More is ok. There are a ton of new people to take into account in this film. You have Blackwidow, Whiplash, Sam Rockwell as the Stark's business rival, SHIELD...there are a lot of new people running around. But it wasn't so overwhelming that you lost the focus on Stark. They weave into the story well enough that you don't feel bombarded by the craziness.

Don Cheadle is a good replacement. Taking over Terrence Howard's spot, Cheadle's dry humor works as a sidekick to Stark's pandering.

Tony is still Tony. The characterization of Stark worked well in the first movie and it sticks around in the second. That's something I'm glad they didn't screw up.


Scarlett Johansson. This isn't a bashing moment. I think she is a great actress with impeccable talent. But when she's not in the suit as Blackwidow, her character was annoying, pouty, and looked terribly uncomfortable. I know we're trying to make her look sexy, but the 5 inch heels and super tight dresses so that she can't breathe do nothing for her facial expressions.

There is still a little too much. SHIELD takes up a huge chunk of the film. And I get it. They're working to segway into The Avengers. But less SHIELD, more Tony please. This IS Iron Man.

Awkward internal conflict. And what I mean by this is that there are moments in the film where Stark has character struggles with himself. But they way the sequences are edited together are...well...weird. You get loud music, fight scenes, hot women, metal crunching and then HALT! everything stops and Tony has a moment. That's that first thing they teach you in film school not to do. It's really jarring and makes it difficult to keep the audience on track.

Overall, it's not a bad film. It'll entertain you. Comic book geeks, don't expect this film to be accurate representations.


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