Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Planet Just Got A Little Bigger

The gaming blogs have been enveloped in a flurry over Little Big Planet 2. The June Issue of GameInformer contains an article regarding the news, and has been flug across the interwebs. I'm surprised that another LBP is on the way. I thought they accomplished their goal and were ready to move on. Apparently not.

Basically, everything you knew about Little Big Planet has been thrown into a washing machine, spun around, and will come out in a nice, clean, more robust version. You can view full details here but I want to focus on a couple of aspects that made me squee.

* Less platform game, and more of a platform to create games. I enjoyed the creativity of LBP. It was easy to get into and design a level. But it was really about platforming. You couldn't really race unless it was in a platform way. People have made amusement parks, moving orchestras, and what not, but you were still limited to a platform realm. To obtain most of the items for crafting a level, you have to play through the platformer developer levels. Not that they were bad, but did require time that you didn't want to put into it. All I want to do is make my stupid Ninja Warrior course!

* Game creation tool encourages the player to make whatever game they want. Someone at Media Molecule has made a functioning Command and Conquer-esque game using the new tools in LBP2. That is awesome. There is also a nod to the classic arcade games, offering tools, items, and stickers from Space Invaders, Tetris, and Asteroids.

* Unlocked and download content from LBP1 will transfer over to LBP2. Now if they could only get that to work for the PSP version, I will fall in love.

* Record your own sounds and music and throw them into the game! I'm sure that if you use copyrighted material you're going to get your level banned from the servers, but a good addition none-the-less.

* Record your own movie and take control of the camera. Another feature I like. Now I can make my sackboy RPG with cut scenes!

All of this before the end of 2010! Now that I'm finding difficult to swallow. So feel free to prove me wrong Media Molecule. I might go into hiding after this comes out.


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