Friday, May 21, 2010

Rockstar Throw Back

What a long day today. Glad I have Lazlo to keep me company.

In an interview, which only makes the BBC cooler for allowing thoughtful reader questions, Lazlo (best known as the figurehead DJ in the GTA series) gave his thoughts about Rockstar's new release Red Dead Redemption, GTA, gaming controversy, and other fun topics.

My favorite question:

How do you feel about accusations that games such as yours are responsible for more violence among young people?

Our games are not designed for young people. If you're a parent and buy one of our games for your child you're a terrible parent. We design games for adults because we're adults. There's a lot of kids games out there that we're not interested in playing. Just like you enjoy watching movies and TV shows with adult themes and language and violence that's the kind of thing we seek to produce.

Thank you Lazlo. I'm sure everyone at Rockstar is singing your praises, or ready to give you a pink slip. Because let's be honest. 99.99% of the complaints about GTA come from parents who are negligent and bought the game for their own children. It wasn't some random act of a store employee shoving the game into the child's hands. Nope. It's the parents fault. Way to go Lazlo!

If anything, it does make Redemption more appealing. I've been apprehensive after the failure that was Red Dead Revolver. Redemption has been coming out as the title worthy of it's name. You know...redeeming themselves for the failure of Revolver.

On an unrelated note, Happy Birthday to Pac-Man. 30 years and still going! Google has been kind enough to have their own mini version of Pac-Man through the Google logo on their homepage. Very awesome. Same time as Empire Strikes Back. Go fig.


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