Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Musing Abridged

A shorthanded version, as work this Sunday was busy again. It would help if the company actually had the resources to update their system more efficiently without taking everything offline for 2 days. But that would require them to spend money. What company wants to do that? Especially when they have the money to burn? Psh. You peons can suffer while we roll around in our gold encrusted pool filled with million dollar ice cream. (As I'd imagine anyone with money would want to do).

With Rock Band continually attempting to one-up Guitar Hero, Harmonix released a survey for potential future Rock Band titles. This does come with a disclaimer that there is 0 guarantee that Harmonix will create the titles listed on the survey. But it gives the developers a general idea of where the gaming population will go for the next music game.

With the Guitar Hero/Rock Band wars for single bands, Rock Band wins hands down. Beatles Rock Band is the best collection of music/difficulty/crazy art amongst the other titles (such as Guitar Hero Metallica, and Guitar Hero Aerosmith). I'm not on board with the Rock Band Green Day idea, but feel free to prove me wrong Harmonix. As long as you stick to the classics and not throw in the new stuff.

The survey is pretty simple. They list 5 bands (The Eagles, Zeppelin, Floyd, Queen, U2), if you would be interested in purchasing one or more of the games that focused on those bands, which titles in particular peaked your interest, and suggestions for another band. I suggested Depeche Mode, because it would never happen in a million years.

And then I went back and suggested a South Park only Rock Band. How great would that be? Rock Band clearly embraces the creativity of Matt and Trey with Timmy and Lords of the Underworld in the first Rock Band, and Cartman's rendition of Lady Gaga's Poker Face for download to RB2. The next step is a full on South Park Rock Band. There is plenty of music to make it into a series of games, or at least a butt ton of downloadable content. Think about it Harmonix. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Guitar Hero missed out on that one. Big time.

Harmonix, do everyone a favor and work your damndist to make this happen. I'm sure getting the licensing for the Beatles songs was near impossible, but you did it. You can make it happen for Zepplin. I promise I will buy a copy for each of my friends if you do. Or as much as $59.99 is willing to take me.


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