Sunday, May 09, 2010

Why Bother Guinness?

Here's a fail on Guinness Book of World Records.

In their special Video Game edition, they hosted a poll online to have people vote for their top 50 favorite gaming franchise. While good in theory, it removed everything that Guinness is about. They report facts, not percentages.

The poll had a selected list of 50 game franchises with a little over 13,000 readers voting on, so really nothing prior to 2000 was listed. The previous installment had developers discuss what they consider to be the best, in regards to influence on the industry. They wanted to do something different. Ok. I get that. But they tried too hard and should have left it as an online poll. Printing it in a book really doesn't help their cause and kind of dumb down their professionalism.

No surprise, but Halo was listed as the best gaming franchise amongst the 13k group with Pro Evolution Soccer at Number 50 (why is that even on the list?). #46 is Lego Batman so this is pure fail all around. Not that Lego Batman isn't bad, but better then Ico I think not.

Guinness, stick to what you know. Leave the gaming reviews to the professionals.


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