Friday, June 25, 2010

Back to the Future of Geek

For those living under the geek rock, the latest season of Futurama began airing last night on Comedy Central. And if you really have been living under a rock, the show was revived after the huge ratings boost in reruns on CC and DVD sales. The original voice acting cast is back (thank god because I can't imagine ANYONE else portraying Bender like John DiMaggio-aka Wakka from Final Fantasy X, and no one can replace Katey Sagal as Leela), but with some new writers. Which was blatantly obvious within the first minute of the season opener. "We have gone through a wormhole into a space that is comedy central." Really? Wow. Even I couldn't come up with a joke that bad. On the plus, because Futurama is not under Fox's thumb, they could open up with jokes. Such as the name of the space probe of censorship. As open as Fox is, they would have said a big fat no to that name.

It's nice to see the show back, but it doesn't feel quite right. Mostly because of the writers. You don't have the snappy team that came from the original show. Instead you have Comedy Central writers. Which isn't to say that's bad, but it's not Matt Groening, Futurama funny. It's Comedy Central funny. Popularity is going to keep the season running. But if they want to continue, they really need to find a way to bridge Futurama humor with their own brand. No more Scooby Doo endings and plot twists. I don't know who came up with how to bring them out of the worm hole, but it was so cliché. I want this season to work, so make it work CC.


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