Saturday, June 26, 2010

Book Geek Today

I am not an Apple person. I am a slave to Microsoft. You can read that however you wish. But today, I have a better understanding on why there are many geeks who worship The Woz (Steve Wozniak for those who fail in the geek universe). And it was after finishing up Kathy Griffin's book "Official Book Club Selection." While I highly doubt anyone in Kathy's Camp would ever stumble upon my little blog, to be safe I'm linking the book. So, you can buy the book here, here, and here.

Anyway, the chapter about The Woz was probably the most real that I have seen him. That isn't to say Woz isn't always Woz. Rather, he is an iconic image for computer geeks that separating truth from reality can be a challenge. So reading this book helped me to appreciate the man that is Woz and that he still is the same man back when he starting building computers.

Favorite part? The email describing his morning routine, which turns into his obsession with letters and numbers, followed by the best foods starting with the letter C. And he's totally right. The best foods really do start with the letter C. Cookies. Cake. Coke (I know it's a drink, but it counts). Chocolate. Cheese. Crumpets. Ok I threw in that last one. But it really brought Woz into the real world, for me. So, I have a better understanding of the work that he has done and will do. I declare this day Woz day for my blog for my new found appreciation. Woz be praised!


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