Saturday, June 19, 2010

LBP2 Invading your Social Network

So if it's not obvious, I'm obsessed with Little Big Planet and every news bit about it. So guess what? More LBP2 news! Media Molecule has announced some additional details for a new online service to allow LBP2 creators to better upload and download levels. The idea is to have a somewhat social networking site that can be access in the game or through your computer. From there, users can look over new levels, new sacboys, new designs, advertise your own levels, and even download these items to your game.

Media Molecule's Alex Evans also noted another feature of a virtual business card. Since there are those wishing to jump into the gaming business, LBP has become a great tool for level design. A new idea called the QR code will allow those with a Playstation Eye to better promote their levels. It's similar to a 2D barcode. The camera scans the code and it'll jump the individual to that level. So let's say you have a business card and print the code onto your card to hand it to a developer at Media Molecule. That developer can then go home/work, scan the code with they're Eye Toy and then get directed to that user's customer level. It's a nifty idea.


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