Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pitfalls of Big Games

Now this be an interesting list. The Top 10 Most Underrated Games of E3 compiled by Sal Basile of And I'd have to agree with the list. It hit on a few games that I was interested in hearing more about at E3, but they were pushed aside by all of the sequels (Gears of War comes to mind).

What I find silly is that there are 2 Final Fantasy games on the list; Final Fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light. Typically there's a lot of press on Final Fantasy games. 14 had a nice banner at the E3 front doors. But Sal is right. They were pretty much left out of the picture for a bulk of the game coverage. Last I checked, SE was a big deal. I mean, they have Kane and Lynch 2, which looks to be pretty damn good (and I don't like those games!) E3? The 3rd Birthday, another SE game, the spinoff of Parasite Eve received 0 attention from the coverage.

But in this article I found some new games that don't sound half bad. Like Shank, a 2D side-scrolling game reminiscent of Devil May Cry written by one of the co-creator's of God of War. It'll be a download game for XBox Live and PSN and looks like a lot of fun. Bodycount is another, which is everything evil with multiplayer gaming. From the creators of Black, Bodycount is about destroying your online competitors in every and any way possible. It looks cleaner then most first person shooters (I'm sick of the brown bloom they use to smudge up the screen) with nonstop, nonsensical run and gun with a storm of bullets. What's not to love?

There were a lot of games out on the floor for E3 this year, since there weren't new console launches. I'm not counting the 3DS because that's a reiteration of a pre-existing product. But people tend to focus on what they consider the big launches (Halo, Gears of War, etc.) and if you're not in that crowd, you tend to be forgotten by the big guns. A lot of the smaller games caught my attention this year, and I hope they will become a bigger presence at future expos.


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