Friday, July 16, 2010


Today, I was thinking about the price of video games. Not including the PSP and DS, they are so ungodly expensive. $59.99, not including tax. Most of these games will probably last you about 10-15 hours of entertainment (God of War III took me 8 hours and 24 minutes to complete). The only game I have played in recent memory that was worth the sticker price was Final Fantasy XIII? Why? It took me 62 hours to finish the story, not including all the extra crap that I need to go back and complete. I'll pay $59.99 for that.

Anything prior to Final Fantasy XIII...maybe Little Big Planet. That has a ton of content. But I received it as a gift, so technically I didn't pay for it. Let's see...what else is there...yeah. That's all I can think of. I can't justify spending full price for a video game unless I know it has the content that best suits my tastes and takes up my time. I can't even compare the time/price to a movie because it evens itself out, sadly. A 2 hour movie at $10 a pop is $60 bucks, so that's roughly 12 hours, which is the average length of most of today's video games. So I can go watch 6 crappy to mediocre movies or play a 12 hour video game.

So in this rambling/rant, I decided to look up what else I could spend with my $62.99. This price is about what I end up paying for a new video game when I include tax. The results are amusing and depressing:

The coolest so far is a copy of Wolverine Omnibus Volume 1, hardcover and limited series.

Or how about Seasons 1-7 of 24, box set?

Next is a NCAA championship licensed soccer ball.

Followed by more weirdness that is Ebay, a collectable toy horse, or a Brittish Stamp.

If you need some parts for your Compaq Persario or HP Pavillion, $62.99 is a good price.

A 10-12 inch round cake from marketplace is just a rip-off.

A costume store has a lot of shoes for 62.99.

My favorite is the garden de-icer, to help keep your plants, and rocks, and water fountains ice free during the winter.

And then you have the practical purchases:

7 Months of Netflix Unlimited plan (which is as many DVD's as you can handle and beats going to the movie theatre). Even better if you have a PS3, 360, or Wii system, because you can watch instantly from your console.

Weekend pass to PAX (or most conventions with enough money left over to buy a t-shirt).

Gas for your car (depending on what you drive, that could last you a month).

Food. Clothes. Basic living necessities. Amusingly enough, our electric bill last month comes to $62.91.

See. I don't need to buy a $62.99 game at release. I can blow it on a few months of Netflix and eat. Wait on the price to drop or for a rediculious sale causing lots of money to be lost but makes me one happy customer.


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