Monday, July 19, 2010

Testing Out The Move

For some reason at work today, some people stopped by for a demo of the Playstation Move. I don't know why, but I'm not going to question it. Anything to get out of this chair for a few minutes.

It is an odd creature, this Playstation Move. Mostly because of the giant phallic ball sitting on the controller that comes in multiple colors. >.>"It's a way to designate everyone's controllers." Ok. But did you have to make it look like a giant pink sex toy? (Admit it. You all were thinking the same thing.)

I was able to fiddle around with two of the titles that showed up on the E3 floor for the Playstation Move; Sorcery and Kung Fu Rider. Initial impressions: the sensor is pretty accurate. Surprisingly accurate. It feels like a more mature version of the Wii's sensor system, i.e. the Wii Motion Plus.

There isn't a wire between the controllers, so there is more movement involved. What I really like is that the controllers fit smoothly into your hands. It doesn't feel like a small brick like the Wiimote. Instead, it's been crafted to work with your hand. You feel more in control of the action because of this.

What I didn't like is that the controllers they handed us had no straps. So if it flew out of your hand, goodbye television. Now, they didn't say whether or not that would be the case for the final version, but I'd hope they would have learned from Nintendo's mistake. Add a strap on both controllers so you don't have people trying to sue you for their controllers breaking things.

Onto the games. Sorcery was a lot more fun then it should have been. It really is a game that was made for the Playstation Move and requires you to remember how to cast spells via drawing patterns out at your Playstation Eye/Camera. It's taking Harry Potter to another level. You have full control over the wand, your source of all magic doing. Graphics are playful and lighthearted. Definitely a game geared towards a younger audience, but with some charm to try and bring in the older crowd.

Movement in the game is controlled by your dpad on the Move controller. It takes a moment to get use to, but once you figure it out, it's quite easy. Your wand moves in whatever direction you wave the stick. The delay between my motion and the wand was practically non-existent. Nice to be able to shoot at a bad guy and have it hit on target with little down time.

Kung Fu Rider is definitely one of those off-beat games that's meant to appeal to our inner 13 year old. You run over and into and onto the sillies things. The premise is to make it to the bottom of the track with the most points possible. You can use random techniques while on your vehicle (this ranged from an office chair to a tiny pink elephant...)to kick and attack things that are in your way. There's even an option for multiplayer and co-op modes. With the Move, this game is a tad clunky. Mostly because it requires flicking the controller in odd directions to jump or kick something. In terms of steering, it's better then expected. Minor corrections you may make by tilting the controller do translate well with the game. It's not perfect, but enjoyable none-the-less.

The Playstation Move is set to release in September this year. For more info, recommend staying in touch with the Playstation Blog. The developers sections isn't bad.


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