Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sims Medieval Closeup

I'm not a fan of EA. They have horrible customer service, technical support, and I'm sick of them taking over the smaller companies. Look what they did to Realtime Worlds.

However, I am a fan of Will Wright and if EA did not have exclusivity to his works, I wouldn't purchase another item from them. In fact, I still don't unless it's a Wright game.

So we have the next Sims rendition, Sims Medieval. Which is becoming a mockery of the Sims franchise at this point. If anything has had a strong hand by EA, this is it. It's basically taking The Sims formula and plopping into a different era. This one is more of a focus on making a hero, doing quests, and saving the medieval world. So it's like Baldur's Gate without the action.

You don't even have the opportunity to make your character from scratch. You need to use a pre-generated character first to unlock that tool. How lame.

Really, I don't know what to make of this game. It sounds like it's trying to be like The Sims with a bit of Spore and Sim City thrown in. You have to manage your empire (Sim City) while doing quests to earn points and grow (Spore) with a Sim (simlish in old English form).

I understand that The Sims is a tried-and-true formula. Adjustments between the games is mostly graphical (not so much from 2 to 3 if you ask me) but adds new character development, personality traits, building design, etc. Sims Medieval strips all of that away into it's most basic form. So really, it's a bastardized version of Wright's games meshed into one. Guess it's another game I won't be buying from EA. *adds to the list* I'd rather go into Sims 2/3 and make my own castle and my own clothes and oh look! My Sims now look medieval! Job done!


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