Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday Musing

I'm borrowing today's musing from Jonathan Ross of Destructoid's community. But it's a good one. It's about reviewers and those who comment being biased against certain gaming subjects. Typically it's due to an opinion that one would favor a subject over another. It goes along the lines of the 100% Object review, which is impossible.

Jonathan asks readers to explore their own biases and how it affects their experiences. It's a good topic.

I won't lie. I'm not a fully objective reviewer, because it doesn't exist. If you're reading a review, you're getting an opinion. I tend to favor RPG's and strategy games over FPS. I tend to dislike games such as Call of Duty because of their subject matter. I'm not saying that I hate FPS. Love Resident Evil to pieces. But something about being a war simulation doesn't appeal to me. Especially knowing people in my life who have been to war. There's no comparison. I like for games to be a fantasy that takes me away from my reality. Call of Duty does the exact opposite.

As much as I dislike those types of games, I do my best to give an honest review. I try not to bash unless it's absolutely necessary (Superman 64 anyone?) I like to see the good in everything. Even though I may not agree with war games, I know there is something positive in there that will appeal to me in some fashion or another. So, what are your biases? What games will you always shoot down and never give a chance? Why do you steer clear of those titles?


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