Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dissida 2 Announced! Officially this time.

Official from Tokyo Game Show that Square-Enix is making another Dissidia game. The sequel is confirmed to have Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII and Kain from Final Fantasy IV.

Pictures released show a pre-existing area in Dissidia with Cecil and Golbez from FF4. Which isn't bad. But right now it's looking more like it could be an add-on and not so much a secondary game.

In the nature that is me and my brother from a different mother, we went on a spree of who would be awesome in the next Dissidia game.

My vote is that SE brings in 4 characters from each good; 2 good and 2 bad. There are plenty of bad guys in each FF game that are memorable enough to be of use. But I bring this up because of the original 3 games, so much of the focus was on the party/group dynamic and not an individual person saving the world. Yes, you get that still in Final Fantasy, but it's not the same. 1-3 you didn't have a character name (until FF3 was released on the DS). You remember Cloud, Squall, Zidane, Tidus more then their companions. So it'd be nice to bring in that comradeship again.

The hope is Edgar and/or Sabin from FF6 will be included, as well as Seifer from FF8. My choice is Tifa from FF7 (duh!) and some variation of Jenova. Yuna from X-2 would also be an interesting addition, as well as Seymore. FF11 is still a tricky one. I believe that SE chose Shanttoto because she was the most recognizable NPC AND was in the original game release. I think the fear in picking one of the other characters is that most of the more in-depth ones don't show up until the first expansion pack and, lets face it, if you haven't been playing the game, you won't know a damn thing about those characters. Which alienates probably 60% of the FF fanbase. XD Though my vote is Prishe and Lilisette. And more moogles! >.>

As someone who has finished the game, I'm confused as to how the hell they are planning to pull this off. You destroyed Chaos. Everyone want back to their realm. Is Chaos going to be reborn? And what of Cosmos? They're all dead. If you can't revive Aeris, you sure as s**t can't revive those two. So come on SE. Try and impress me.

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