Monday, October 25, 2010

Microsoft Plans To Open Online Shop

For video games that is. On Friday, Microsoft announced that they are working on opening an online, download only store for PC games. The estimated date is November 15th of this year, just in time for holiday shopping. The website will be  which I'm sure will be linked to directly a billion times.

It'll be an integration of the Xbox Live and Windows Live services. On Xbox Live online, PC not your Xbox system, you have the option to download from your PC to your Xbox system. At least sometimes when it decides to work. This will be a more direct to PC transaction.

The Marketplace is boasting over 100 titles, including Grand Theft Auto IV and Fable. Nothing has been mentioned about pricing. So it seems like it'll be a lot of games that came out 2-3 years ago for PC. >.> If Microsoft can provide the right price, it'll be a good boost to their holiday sales.


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