Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Phoenix Wright Making A Comeback!

Level 5 in Japan held their annual press conference today, and announced a new title that peaked my interest. Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney. While Phoenix is a Capcom property, the two are working together (with Level 5 doing most of the work) to bring the worlds of Ace Attorney and Layton into one. And honest, that's not a bad idea when you think about it. Attorney is about solving murders via a puzzle method, and Layton solves a lot of puzzles.
Ace Attorney creator Takumi Shuu will be working with Level 5 on this one. So far it's been described as a puzzle game full of contradictions

One of the puzzles shown to the press is called "Trial of the Witch" where Phoenix's client is accused of being a witch (medieval town and all that), and he teams up with Layton and lad to clear his client's name.

What will be different is that the characters of Phoenix and Maya Fey (yep she's there too!) will be animated in cut scenes with Layton. This is a break from the Attorney franchise, which typically shows characters in a manga-like style, two-dimensional sprites with a focus on dialogue. So to see them move, sit, eat, and speak is different. But from this YouTube clip, it looks much better then I had expected. No release date announced yet, so assume sometime in 2011.


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