Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Tester 2's Trailer

After last years success of The Tester, the competition to be a game tester at Sony (because that totally pays the big bucks), round 2 is set to air, or rather be downloaded, on the Playstation Network starting November 2nd.

You get the usual reality show clich├ęs. The hot model, Adrian Curry who won the first season of America's Next Top Model, the one guy at Sony who will probably be your boss, and then a random special guests, which are mostly Sony staff members. And of course we have the contests doing crazy challenges, even having to design their own game. I'm sure there's some reason why sending them to train with the military and drawing has some, subtle, importance to being a tester. But really, watching the trailer makes me feel sad for being a gamer. All of the crying, and bickering. Where's the testing? I mean really. What about all of this madness really relates to a job as a tester at Sony? The 80 hour work weeks at minimum wage and no overtime pay to sit in a dark room and feel like your eyes are going to bleed if you look at another computer/television screen. Where's the reality? Opinions?


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