Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DKC Returns with Super Mario Brothers Wii/Galaxy 2 Features

Remember in Super Mario Galaxy 2 you had that option in the game that made the computer beat really challenging levels for you? DKC will be getting the same treatment.After dying 8 times within a single level, you'll have the option to turn on Super Kong mode, which will allow Donkey to be controlled by the computer to finish the level where you failed. The difference from Mario is that you can turn off the Super Kong. So if you're having trouble getting through a small area, you can easily turn Super Kong off to go back into normal play mode.

Super Kong is only available in single player mode, so no two player cheating. And like Mario Bros./Galaxy 2 anytime Super Kong is on, you won't receive any of the bananas collected.

Some other changes: anyone remember in the original DKC that you could swap between Diddy and Donkey with ease? You can't do that anymore. Though Diddy is packing quite the punch for any second players that jump into the game. However that strategy element in DKC that required you to determine when to use Donkey and when to use Diddy has been reduced. On the plus, in cooperative mode, Diddy is able to take control of the show. He doesn't have to wait on Donkey to activate a platform, shoot out of a barrel, and collect items. The second player gets a chance to be involved in the game.

There is still that countdown timer if you fall off of the screen or fall behind, you'll reappear next to the leader after 5 seconds. And a lot of the same faces will reappear. Still no underwater level. Lame. But it appears that the developers are bringing DKC back to life from it's SNES beginnings. The game looks like an updated version of the SNES title. It brings back a lot of my childhood memories. Release is November 21st and I can't wait!


  1. Actually, I believe you could interrupt the Super Guide whenever you wanted in New Super Mario Bros. Wii (and Super Mario Galaxy 2). I never used it myself (never died enough times for it to appear), but I distinctly remember that being an option.

  2. Hmmm. I may need to go back through Super Mario Bros again. I don't remember being able to turn that mode off until the level was completed, and then it'll just kick you back into normal gameplay. The fact that it's a turn off feature in DKC Returns is something people are focusing on as a unique feature.

    Though I know in Super Mario Galaxy 2 you couldn't turn off the feature for anything. The level has to be completed before you can play again. I remember that well. XD


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