Monday, November 22, 2010

Halo Movie Is Really Happening. Maybe.

Many moons ago, Microsoft was working with Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) on making a Halo movie. Which subsequently fell through and gave life to District 9. I don't know if it was a good trade off, but there you go.

It's been a discussion for years amongst fans and Microsoft staff members alike. The biggest concern I hear the most is who will be Master Chief. Because you gotta have the right face (sort of) and the right voice. If you don't have the right voice then forget it.

The movie was put on hold in August of 2009. And it's been in limbo since 2005, if you want to be realistic about it.

And then last week at a conference, a man from Microsoft named Frank O'Connor said there would be a Halo movie. Quite frank about it. Why was it held up? Lawyers. It boils down to Microsoft owns full control over Halo, including any products and licensing. Much like George Lucas owns full rights to Star Wars and was able to make gobs of money from all of the products. And why Hollywood is still kicking themselves for it. Whoever took Halo under it's wing for production wouldn't make any money from the product. That's why lawyers were involved.

There is no when, where, how, or who, but they seemed pretty persistent on making a Halo movie. Good luck.


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