Wednesday, November 03, 2010

In Other EA News...

My they have been busy this week.

EA's release of Medal of Honor last month didn't meet quality expectations, but by no means do they think the game is a failure. The game did sell at over 2 million within it's first month of release, which is fantastic by all accounts for games these days. The concern is that the reviews have been middle of the road. And I don't think the "opposing force" controversy helped win them any votes. But I think the video from Eurogamer really shows how the quality of the product greatly differs between platforms. EA is stepping up and saying, yeah we know it doesn't look right, but we'll do better next time.

Next, EA is bringing Dragon Age to Facebook. The expected launch date will be February 2011. They are pitching it as a blend of action, adventure, and multiplayer. It'll also allow gamers who play the Facebook version to unlock bonuses in the upcoming Dragon Age 2. So yeah. More Facebook addiction in your future.

And on top of all of that, EA has signed a 5 year agreement with Facebook regarding sales transactions. What's it suppose to mean? Well instead of transactions being done with real-world dollars, it will all be handled by game currency. You can still buy game currency with your hard earned cash, but if you want that cute pirate hat for your pet, you have to use the game currency, and only the game currency, to get it. It's a good deal for Facebook. Any game credit purchased, Facebook takes a 30% cut. And for EA, that means better advertising of their products on Facebook when you log in.

And no one wants to believe me when I say that EA will take over the gaming world. Then I'll be forced to only buy their products. How evil of them.


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