Monday, November 08, 2010

My Only Kinect Post In The Past Week

Still not attracting players in Japan. Not surprised. The system is still in the pitts in Japan. The 360 was solely meant for Western gamers. Now if Microsoft were smart, they could have marketed and sold ONLY in the U.S. and Europe, therefore gaining demand in Asia. The keep-away marketing method. It works! >.>

But instead we get to look at the sad pictures of no one going near the 360's and Kinect in Japan.

Though the author of the article brings up a very good point, and it was something I was discussing with a friend of mine yesterday. The demo space shows that you need a large spot to use the Kinect. Unlike the Move and Wii where it is feasible to use in small quarters, due to the sensors on a controller. Since Kinect requires you, the person, to be the controller, you have to take up a lot of area to get the full effect. So think of Tokyo, New York City, even LA where there are a lot of small apartments. There isn't enough space available in one's own home to make use of the Kinect. So why drop $150ish on it if you can't use it?

I think Microsoft didn't hit the right market for Kinect. They were going for a family setting like the Wii. But because of the technology, it needs to be a family with a large home in the suburbs, not the gaming crowd that lives in apartments (where the bulk of their consumers are). Something to think about.


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