Tuesday, November 23, 2010

WoW After The Patch That Destroys WoW.

Because it peaked my curiosity, and can provide oodles of educational material for interactive entertainment and social composition, I decided to go back to WoW and see what the patch to end the world was all about.

Running around I remember a lot more then I should have about the cities, locations, which mobs spawn where and would kick my level 1 ass, and the look of WoW. Other then a couple of NPC’s being switched around, no more warp portals (Mage’s are going to be making a killing in that), and a couple of new doors…I think I’m missing something. But I poked a few of the higher level people and they were just as confused. Nothing about the game had really changed.

So I ventured outside of the main cities and made my way to Lor’danel, outside of Night Elf hometown. And that’s where you’ll begin to see the changes. A lot of the landscape has really changed. Aside from the burning/charred forests and the broken buildings, pathways that were once safe are now disjointed. You’ll find yourself stopping at an edge of a cliff and see a 30 foot drop to a small stream below, which may or may not break your fall. So of course you either drop down and die, if you’re super low level like I was, or run around into all of the things that want to maim you. I ran to a few areas, but by far the wooded areas of the western continent are going to be the most obvious in the destruction/changes. You’re not going to see a whole lot of damage in the major player cities. But some of the cities have expanded to keep up with the player base.

This is quite an experiment Blizzard has embarked upon. I can’t think of any other MMO that has gone so far as to taking out huge chunks of it’s realm to create something new. I’ll be curious to follow this for the upcoming months to see how it affects gamers socially and psychologically.  


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