Thursday, January 27, 2011

APB: Reloaded?

Opening my email this morning, I was surprised to see a message from a company called GamersFirst. Best known for their free to play array of games. Well it looks like EA pawned the APB license off to them as they have just announced a beta for APB: Reloaded and it's officially looking for members to recruit.

Surprised? I know I am. Anyone with a registered APB account is eligible for beta testing, and should receive an email soon. I didn't think they were being serious when they announced back in December that they were going to re-tool and re-release the game, but looks like I was wrong. I think this wins on fastest turn-around time for an MMO. In 6 months it has gone from released to dead to sold to beta testing for re-release. Someone needs to call Guiness World Records.

No set release date on when the re-release will occur. Currently they are accepting beta apps on their website, which seems to be just supply an email and sit on your hands. But! for anyone interested in the revival, it's a good time to get a jump on it.


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