Thursday, January 13, 2011

Champions Online Going Free To Play On January 25th

In an effort to boost sales and audience appeal, Champions Online will be going to the free to play model visa-vie Lord of the Rings Online. For those wondering, CO is basically City of Heroes with more costume options.  Seeing the success free to play has brought LotR, applying it to other franchises isn't sounding like such a bad idea. There are many web browser games such as Evony and AdventureQuest, even non-browsers such as MapleStory that make oodles of cash and are free to play. How? The premium packs!

While CO will be free to play later this month, they will still offer a monthly Gold subscription and Adventure Packs. The Adventure Packs are little premiums in the game that you'd have to pay for to gain access to. This could be anything from costume designs to extra missions. The bulk of the game will still be free, it's just all of those little extra goodies that you really want you have to pay for. But hey! If it works for CO, we might see this trend grow for other MMO's needing a boost such as Star Trek or Aion.


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