Thursday, January 20, 2011

Childhood Obesity and Microsoft Helping the Hacker

Can't talk.

Playing Little Big Planet 2.

But here are 2 quick stories that amused me. The first is a new study regarding childhood obesity. In particular, the overused claim that video games promoted obesity in children is not the main source of fat. While the study does state that video games can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, it's not the main factor for causing obesity. The research shows both positives and negatives to playing video games. Higher internet usage generally leads to higher school grades, and playing more video games can translate into visuospatial skills. But it's also dependent upon the child and the parents as excessive game playing can lead to lower grades and self-esteem issues.

The other story is Microsoft is offering hacker Hotz a free phone. Hotz is one of the guys that broke into the PS3. Hotz wrote on his twitter page that he was wanting to get a Windows 7 Phone, and a dev at Microsoft answered his call...if he's willing to make some apps and tinker around with it. That's not really sending the appropriate message to the kids. Hack into stuff, break the law, get freebes in return?


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