Monday, January 10, 2011

More 3DS stuff to keep Nintendo safe from suing!

After Nintendo's recent warning about the 3D on their new system isn't such a good idea for those under the age of six, they are wanting to cover their asses.

"We are being proactive about informing our customer, even though it may not necessarily be positive for our sales," Nintendo pres Satoru Iwata said in The Wall Street Journal.

Nintendo recommends an hour break after an hour of play in 2D mode. Now they are adding in if you play in 3D, you should give yourself only 30 minutes of play before taking a break. "If your physical condition worsens or you become ill, please stop playing at once," Nintendo stated in an official release.

Why is this an issue? Well to view 3D in a movie, tv show, or a game, it requires you to strain your eyes in a way that is "unnatural" for lack of a better word. Because we haven't spent every day of our lives viewing 3D, by watching it, it causes your eyes to do more work to view the image. And your eyes can only take so much before incurring permanent damage. Watching 3D once every few months for an hour or two won't affect you. But watching it consistently on a daily basis, it will change your eyesight. So Nintendo wants to make sure it's covering all of their bases. Which is why I support the fact that you can turn off the 3D on the system. Thank you Nintendo. As a person who has issues with sight in general, I can't watch 3D for more then 10 minutes without getting a headache.

The 3DS will also contain parental controls, similar to the Wii, a pamphlet about 3D and warnings. The usual stuff. Iwata stressed that he doesn't see the 3DS as unsafe. Rather that parents tend to use video games as a babysitting tool (ain't that the truth) and wants to ensure that parents are aware of the risks to prolonged exposure to 3D if they aren't careful. So it's safe and yet unsafe all rolled into one. XD

On the other end of the spectrum, Famitsu has released pictures of some accessories that come with the 3DS. Most notably, a really tiny power cord. >.> So apparently my idea of staying to a wall isn't going to work out unless you don't mind sitting on the floor, crouched over, to play your game. The system will be packaged with the power cord, an SD card, instruction booklets, 6 augmented reality cards (I'm not sure what these are either), and a stylus. It also comes with an optional stand that can be purchased separately.


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