Friday, January 14, 2011

Nerd Princess Is Pushing It.

In their daily dose of Cultural Smash, Kotaku staff writer Brian Ashcraft dubbed Olivia Munn as a Nerd Princess. Now I do think that Ms. Munn does have some comical talent. She's been pushing at the side-kick buttons over at G4TV since 2006 on Attack of the Show and has managed to get herself into bit parts here and there, such as Iron Man 2. She's shown that she does have some nerd credit, though she admits that gaming isn't her strength. I give her props on breaking into the entertainment world in the way that she did. Now she's on The Daily Show as a correspondent and has her own sitcom. Yeah I know. I don't know when the own show thing happened either.

Here is my tick with the article. Ashcraft was making out Munn to be the end all, be all of nerd women and we're expected to look up to her. Again, I'm not wanting to take away her talent, but I don't look up to Olivia Munn. There's nothing about her that I feel I can easily relate to. A lot of her "nerd" credentials didn't start until after she began working on G4. It wasn't something that came naturally to her. She had to work at it. And that's fine. She seems genuinely interested in learning the nerd ways and does have a good chunk of knowledge in certain areas. But by no means is she a nerd princess. She doesn't know everything about everything in the nerd universe.

And to insinuate that all of us should look up to her because of her career isn't really propelling women forward. Olivia is a pretty woman. So we're expected to be just like her in order to make anything of ourselves, eh? The whole article feels contrived. It just didn't sit with me to call her a nerd princess when she doesn't fit that mold. She's a model, actress, and a comedian who likes nerdy things. That would be a more accurate interpretation of Olivia. But just because she's a nerd who happens to be gorgeous doesn't mean that all women who are nerds are required to look up to her.


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