Sunday, January 09, 2011

Nintendo World Weekend Showcase

In lieu of CES, Nintendo has their own weekend press conference at the beginning of each year to show off new technology and game lineups for the year. So of course everything was going to be geared towards the 3DS.

What have we learned? Well the 3DS battery charge time is about 3 hours. Gameplay can be anywhere from 3-5 hours depending upon the light setting, if you're using the 3D setting, and if you're playing a 3DS game or an older game. While the charge time is fine, to get only 3 hours of gameplay out of it is kind of a kick in the pants. :/ May as well keep the system connected to the wall if you want to play 3D.

Those attending were able to try out the new Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil Revelations, and Kid Icarus: Uprising. A very wide array of titles for a new Nintendo system. Quite a lot of developers are backing up the 3DS. We'll have to see what happens on release. Most retailers are taking pre-orders now. I'd be curious to find out how the T to M games fair over the E and Mario games people are use to on the DS.

Enjoy more Donkey Kong awesomeness from Nintendo's closing:


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