Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SE Conference of Pretty Images

Yesterday, SquareEnix held a press conference (pushed back from earlier this month) to show off the new stuff that "should" be released this year. I'm not holding my breath because, let's face it. It's SquareEnix.

So other then showing yet ANOTHER trailer for FFXIII Versus with SOME gameplay...finally, a few images and a trailer of FFXIII-2 appeared. Just to be clear, Versus is another title in the 13 saga. 13-2 would be the sequel to 13. Versus is like the FF12/Ivalice Alliance to FF Tactics. But here is a bit of 13-2:

I'm not liking how they butched up Lightning. But I'm ok with a sequel. Even if there are people going to yell at me. I'd like to have more of a backstory with 13. Felt like it was missing more explanation on what the hell was going on.

And here is 13 Versus:

Still looking pretty. Still would love to see a demo somewhere out there because good god, they've been working on this since 2003.

Let's see. We'll also have another PSP FF game. FF Agito, which is now FF Type O. Not sure what the connection is or where, but whatever. And Kingdom Hearts 3D. Assuming that would be for the 3DS. So there you go. Lots of shiny objects from SE. Still no demos. Still pretty pictures. Still little, to no, gameplay. But apparently everything is coming out this year. Yeah. I laughed at that notion also.


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