Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So About Those PS3 Hackers

Of course they were going to get hit by Sony. Just surprised it took Sony this long to deal with it. Sony is slapping the hackings with legal action. One of the hackers spoke with the BBC and is claiming digital rights.

"I would expect a company that prides itself on intellectual property to be well versed in the provisions of the law, so I am disappointed in Sony’s current action," says George Hotz, one of the hackers.

Good luck defending that in a court of law against Sony.

Sony has requested a restraining order that bans Mr Hotz and 100 others from future hacking of any other software, as well as distribution of the content that has hacked the PS3 system. Of course the website that had the PS3 code has since been taken down and claiming that they never really had it. Too late to backpedal now guys, but good try. Sony is currently in the works of releasing a patch to override the hack.

In an unrelated, though silly coincidence,  Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations 2 demo will be released in Japan on January 14th at Nintendo Zone Hotspots. Demo's will be available at download kiosks as early as tomorrow. Time to start tapping away at that Logic button to help solve this case! >.>


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