Sunday, February 27, 2011

Already Out of 3DS Systems!

Retailers have already sold the first 400,000 units of the Nintendo 3DS. On the day of launch.

First, only 400k units? Nintendo seems to always seriously underscore their staying power. Yes it's a good marketing tool "if we look like we don't have many, they'll want it even more!" But we've been through this mess with the Wii. Just make more systems and stop goofing around. Though receiving fresh supplies rather quickly, for an uneventful release day.

Second, I'm surprised it sold out that fast. But retailers made it clear to their consumers this time around. They only had enough to fulfill pre-orders. If you didn't order the system, don't show up. For pre-orders on a system, 400k isn't a bad number at all. And with Amazon Japan starting shipment, with more to order next week, the masses will have the 3DS soon.

Still...only 400k? If that's what you want to do Nintendo.


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