Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Developer Going Under

Bizarre Creations isn't the most well known name to gamers, but it's been around in the business for Activision and other, larger names, to take notice. (FYI, Activision bought the company in 2007.) But as of this Friday, they will be closing their doors. The company is best known for their racing games, such as Formula 1 for the Playstation, Project Gotham, Blur, and Metropolis Street Racer for the Dreamcast (still considered a great work for the genre).

Unfortunately for the company, Blur, which was hoped to be a great achievement, fell through on sales due to poor marketing and a badly timed release (Red Dead Redemption). Many people have noted in the article that the group at Bizarre are more like a family then a company and letting them go was difficult. Not that difficult if Activision threw out Guitar Hero in the same breath. >.> But for anyone who's a fan of the racing genre, these guys were up there with Gran Turismo.


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