Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Musing - A Break From Superheroes

This will be mostly aimed at movies, so bare with me. After 3 trailers shown at the Super Bowl, all for Superhero movies, all being released this summer, I think it's time that we took a break from the genre before we go into overkill. Or at least bring a completely new point of view that hasn't been done, or rarely seen, yet.

This year we're getting Captain America, Thor, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, X-Men First Class, Silver Surfer, AntMan, Flash, Wonder Woman, with Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance tying it all up in February of 2012. That is a lot of f*ing superhero movies for one year. >.> Last year it was Iron Man 2. Before that The Dark Knight. We were getting 1-2 a year. This year, we're going to be smacked with at least 6 over a 2 month time frame. Superhero overkill.

But it's not limited to movies. We have the Spiderman broadway show that we can't seem to keep out of the news with all of the injuries and postponed openings. And then there's the DC MMO, and Activision offering new marketing deals for X-Men and a new Spiderman game. We're inundated with superhero info on a daily basis.

So my plea to the entertainment community. Can we back off please? We're turning the geeky fandom into an overdone cultural fad. We hit a pinnacle of comic book art with The Dark Knight and we're probably not going to reach it again for a while. It's time to back off, not over-saturate the market, and give it a couple of years before we start spamming mainstream again. Why? Because we are going to get really sick of superheroes after this summer. It's not going to matter that you have more "A-list celebrities" taking on these projects. The public can only stand so much of the same thing before it becomes stale.

Unfortunately, superhero movies (as any fad genre) have a life cycle, and it's going to hit it's end pretty soon. Unless all 10 of the movies I've listed above bring new, good, and unique materials to the genre and respective franchises. I have hopes for Thor. I really, really do. And I'm not against superhero movies. But it's time we start backing off. The market is going to dry up really quick and we're going to see a lot more crap thrown at us. Do we really want to see a another crappy Batman movie (i.e. Batman and Robin)? Need I remind you all of Superman Returns? It's going to happen. Bring us innovation and a new perspective or we're going to see the shit come back sooner then we'd like.


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