Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Smithsonian Showcasing Video Games

The Smithsonian American Art Museum will hold a special exhibit from March 16-September 30th. The Art of Video Games. They even have a FAQ about it.

What's interesting is that the website is asking for help on selecting 80 games to show at the exhibit. There are 5 main characters based on era and gaming platforms when you can whittled down your selection. It appears that they narrowed the genres down to 4 of the most dominate categories in American gaming history, so not as many RPG's, Racing, and Fighting games. There are also no arcade or handheld games mentioned. So strictly a U.S. console only business. But it's nice to see that there is some rationale for their decisions, and a clear focus.

The comments are amusing. "Why did you leave out Red Dead Redemption?" "Where's Myst?!?" ZOMG WTF! I do enjoy when people just gloss over the directions. It would be impossible, even for a museum of Smithsonian magnitude, to accommodate every single video game that has been made. Even says in the FAQ that they apologize for not having your favorite game. It's an art exhibit people. They're not going to have everything and anything and it's not a giant arcade. It's art. >.> Recommend checking out the website, but don't make any stupid comments. Please.


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