Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Why PS1 Games Are A Pain To Remake

Ross McGrath, a member of the Playstation Store Team, gave a candid posting on the Sony Blog about why PS1 games are not appearing like crazy on the Playstation Network when we've all been begging for them. It's one of those where very little bs is thrown around.

Here are the two major problems, one I already guessed at. Legal and QA. Legal in the sense that some of the games, such as sports games, used brand-name products within the games as advertisement. Well it's been quite a while and some of those licenses to use the ads have expired. So it's a mess of back and forth between Sony, the publisher, and the company that owns the product. In some cases, the publisher and/or company of said product may no longer exist. It also explains why some of the PS1 games are only available in Japan or the US or Europe and no where else. Publishing rights. I bet Sony's lawyers make a ton of money.

The QA one is interesting. It's not simply porting a PS1 game to the PS3. They need to achieve a certain standard level before allowing the product to be released. Granted there are some games that have funny glitches, such as getting Snake's head stuck in a wall in MGS1. I only did it once, and boy did it make me laugh. But in some of these games, the glitches are so bad that moving them to the PS3 makes them virtually unplayable. All about the coding. >.>

On a positive, PSN is releasing Crash Bandicoot 2 on Wednesday. Not a bad game to dink around with.


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