Friday, March 25, 2011

Decade of Gaming Villains

First off, someone must have been incredibly bored to sit down and hammer this out. Second, US shooters still seem obsessed with "Cold War" era politics as a topic because man, a lot of bad guys come out of Russia and China.

Peter Rubin of created a map highlighting the country of origin for gaming villains over the past decade with first person shooters. Now it'll be fairly obvious when you view the map that it is a very select list of games, with a select list of non-English speaking countries. It would have been much more interesting, and more realistic/open-minded, if Rubin had done a percentage graphing of each country with a wider selection of shooters. Instead it's a map of Ghost Recon.

It's still an interesting concept to get gamers to look at their games and see what they are truly playing. It just needs to be taken a step further. Think about Resident Evil or Killzone. The main bad guys are American and Brittish. Clearly Rubin has a very focused point of view. Someone needs to expand the mapping.


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