Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hackers Can Be Used For Good Deeds

Sometimes they're offered jobs. and free stuff. So I'm sure the guy that fixed Rift, formerly a PC cracker and now leads a small company that deals with data security, will get the same treatment.

The game has been hit with a series of hacks since it's release. No more then 1% of the total gaming population, but there are over 1 million active accounts. So 1% of a million is still a lot. A user named ManWitDaPlan was able to figure out the issue stemmed from login troubles and helped the Trion developers save their users. This feels like a weird turn on the South Park episode Make Love Not Warcraft

Trion has expressed gratitude to the user. They have stated that the "hackings" have all been in-game related, i.e. stealing of items, armor, and gold. Personal information has not been hit. Nice of Trion to not try to play the blame game or the cover-it-up drama. At least they're honest about the issues.

As an aside, WTF Apple. o_O


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