Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nearly 90 Million In Sales Lost in Japan

Since the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on March 11, a multitude of games have been delayed and/or canceled in respect to those affected. In turn, a lot of money has been lost in the business.

Hirokazu Hamamura, chief executive of Enterbrain (publishing company of several gaming magazines, including Famitsu), has stated that at least $88.9 million have been lost after the natural disasters due to the game delays and cancellations. There is no hard figures on arcade closures/losses in Japan (where it's still a big deal to play games), but estimations could reach a billion once factoring in the rolling black-outs from power companies to reduce consumption.

However, Hamamura believes that the industry, overall, will recover by the end of the year once the delayed titles are released. The next few months of the gaming business in Japan will be rough. Some of the largest gaming shows will be reduced in size, delayed, or canceled. While probable that the business will recover by the end of the year, 2012 seems like a more accurate time-frame.


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