Monday, April 11, 2011

Peace Walker Clothing

Starting today, Konami has released the first collection of Metal Gear Solid clothing in history. Konami has partnered with Musterbrand, whom also did real-world clothing for Gran Turismo, Deus Ex, and Human Revolution.

Knut Bergel (unsure if that's the real name >.>) a designer for Musterbrand has hinted at the company producing a digital line for future MGS games. Bergel looked to Alexander McQueen and other avant guarde designers before producing collections for their video game counterparts. Jonathan Jacques-BelletĂȘte, art director of Dues Ex, was only thinking about the clothing at one point in the process.“I was thinking of the aesthetics of the Renaissance era, and also sort of Baroque, yet fashionable and kind of cyber-punkie,” Mr. Jacques-BelletĂȘte said.

Now it's "suppose" to be on the website as of today, however Konami is noticeably absent of any Peacewalker clothing, other then the press release sent out last week. So we're going to use the crappy picture from the NYTimes, that is probably no longer accurate. >.>

The idea isn't new but I think if Konami approaches it from the right direction, it can be a good outlet for their products. While you may not be able to dress just like Snake, you can feel like you belong in the MGS universe.


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