Wednesday, April 13, 2011

PS3 Hacker Boycotting Sony

Or rather, he's been barred from the law to tinker with Sony products ever again or he'll face a fine from anywhere between $10kto $250k. But because of his recent pains with Sony, he's boycotting all of their products and has encourage others to do the same.

No offense to the hacker, but let's get this straight. You broke into a system and distrubited it's content to others, which violated copyright and a bunch of other laws. Now I'm all for open-sourced content and allowing users to be able to make the most of their product and create their own mods and tools to make the system better. But you still broke a few laws and you got caught for it. Sony isn't going to care that you're no longer a customer.

It also doesn't mean that I agree with their request, and subsequent judge's order, to obtain all of the IP addresses of everyone that visited the website with the hack. Because I don't and who knows how Sony will use that information. We get that you're upset and both sides did something wrong. But you boycotting Sony doesn't hurt their sales nor does it change our opinion of you. Might be best to just take the punishment and move on.


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