Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PSN Updates - The Whole Mess

Clearly this user has his priorities straight.
Since I've had a few people contact me, I'll be making a quick round-up on PSN news.

Yesterday, Sony made a statement to Kotaku saying that they were unaware of the severity of the security breach until Monday April 25. Once it was determined what was potentially stolen, they announced it to the public on Tuesday. They had an outside security team come in to assess the damages. Again, I'd like to state that most companies have a decent security system in place and would know within a few hours of a breach what was taken. It took Sony a week

Richard Blumenthal, currently senator of Connecticut, has sent a formal letter to the US president of SCEA Jack Tretton, demanding answers over the PSN hacking. We're not entirely sure why he is taking a position on this. He was elected in the most recent election, so he's still new to his position and has a few years to go. So it's not to try and get the gaming communities vote. It doesn't seem like he would be of the gaming mind frame, but maybe he's a closet Socom fan?

PSN downtime means bonus stuff for the MMO players, such as Free Realms and DC Universe. Since those players have no access to their games, they are being offered double XP and double coin days at the end of the month. Assuming the network is back up.

Microsoft is joining the no phishing bandwagon, issuing a warning about phishing attempts through Modern Warfare 2. While this has been a fairly common experience, it's a no brainer. If someone asks for your id/password/cc #, don't give it to them. Apparently a few people have given away this info in MW2, thus the warning.

ICO, the Information Commissioner's Office in England, will be questioning Sony over the loss of consumer data. The ICO is an independent authority that helps defend the rights of consumers who have had their personal data stolen. They've dealt with a lot of large companies before. So this issue with Sony is nothing new to them. The group has a record of being able to restore people's lost identities and helped in filing lawsuits.

Finally, a Kotaku FAQ of everything you need to know about the hackings and how it'll affect you if you have a PSN account. Sony reps tend to comment on a lot of Kotaku news, so they are your best resource at the moment. As a reminder, even if you never used a credit card or barely to never go online with your PS3, PSP, or PS2, if you ever logged into the PSN, you may have been affected.


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