Saturday, April 16, 2011

Want Portal 2 Early? Play Some Games!

In a fun twist that Valve likes to bring us, a promo has appeared on their domain If you play a bunch of indie games, they'll release Portal 2 early. I'm ok with this.

The countdown started yesterday at 100, but has jumped up to 69 hours as of this writing. I'm betting it's because people are playing that the clock sped up. At least according to Glados that's the case. The website links you directly to Steam Potato Sack where you can play the indie games. Stats are uploaded onto the website. So...what are you doing still reading this? Go play games for the sake of an early Portal 2 release! Cost for the games in the sack is at a crazy low of $38.72. Yes I know. That means you gotta pay to play, but early Portal 2!


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