Sunday, May 22, 2011

FOX News. Continued "Specialness"

I won't post the video, but feel free to view it here. I'm sure they are loving every hit.

Here's how it starts out. "Should the video game Call of Duty get Federal funding?"

Um, no. Anyone who thinks they should is an idiot, and anyone who claims that they are, is a bigger idiot. *coughFoxNewscough*

To create something out of nothing, Fox News is one again inferring that all video games are being given Federal funding, including those oh-so-violent games, under the arts and education act. As part of the debate, Brian Ambrozy the editor-in-chief of Icrontic. Poor guy. Guts for him for trying to stand up against Fox, but he never had a chance.

The first question of the debate starts out innocently enough. What type of games are going to be eligible for the grant? And as Brian explains his answer that it won't go to commercial games but independent developers that focus on education and artistic gaming, his box gets pushed out of the way for a lot of Call of Duty footage. And when asked why, they pushed his box out of the way again to show...Super Mario Brothers from the NES? Ok...

He tries. But trying to make sense out of Fox News is like trying to make sense out of an M Night Shamallama movie. Fox News is great at turning nothing into something, so they ignore the fact that money would never go to a commercial success. They ignore the fact that the funds could help to create new jobs. They ignore the fact that it could be used as a means of education in an economy where thousands of teachers are out of work. One again, thank you Fox News for not straying from your brand of insanity.

Now for a real response to the N.E.A. giving federal grants to game developers. From an independent developer stand-point, I can see how having such a grant would be a great boost to creating games. You don't have to worry about going from business to business to try and get money. It's right there and allows you to create your vision without wondering if you and your team will be working the next day. Of course this money won't go to big name developers like EA or RockStar. This is strictly for those who don't have the monetary means to product the content. And! the content needs to be related directly to education and art. In essence, the N.E.A. is classifying certain forms of gaming as art (because the spectrum of "what is art" is pretty broad). But I feel that they see justification in this classification. Video games are a dominant media force that isn't showing signs of slowing down. If they can help out at least one smell developer in creating an educational game, they might help curb some of the current issues the country is facing. What do you think?


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