Thursday, May 26, 2011

Previously On South Park...

With the rise of a new athletic event in South Park, EA wanted the rights to producing the video games. Of course. What ended up was a hilarity of references to recent legal cases against EA. Even a Mr. Peters at the helm (not sounding British) swearing his head off and basically showing a, sadly realistic, view of how EA screws everyone to get what they want.

I found it funny. I'm sure EA didn't. Though I doubt anyone in their company saw it. Except for maybe one guy in the mailing room who just started a week ago and his soul hasn't been sucked out of his body. Preparing for another lawsuit, this one directly from EA. No I don't mean the one about the Tiger Woods episode. That was all rumor since it didn't directly attack EA. Thank you once again South Park for being you.


  1. Sometimes u think you love south park a little too much =)

  2. @Brybry: keeps me entertained. XD And one of the only shows that hasn't decayed with age *coughsthesimspsoncoughs*


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