Monday, June 27, 2011

Games Win!

Apologies again for the lack of posting and making another small one. It's really hard to do this on a smart phone.

Anyway, the Supreme Court deemed the California law banning the sale of violent video games to children, and their means of enforcing it, unconstitutional. You can read more here. I hope to be back soon with my computer.  :(

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Need Technology!

Typing from my phone. Not having a computer blows monkey chunks.

Letting my loyal reader (I think there's at least one?) know that I haven't forgotten about you! I'm just incapacitated while my computer is out for repairs and I'm left alone with nothing to keep me entertained. Oh joy. :/ Seriously all of those people who try to do the "I can live without technology!" thing are nuts. I need a computer in my life. >.>

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Worst of E3.

It was a pretty crappy year this time around, especially with the press conferences. Thanks to this guy we can relive those crappy moments in all of their glory. The moments that I disliked the most are when they brought the kids, that were clearly actors, onto the stage. Pre-rehearsed scripts not so good. At least if they let the kids play it for the first time and not give them something to memorize, they wouldn't have been so cheesy. Nice shot Jeremy! >.>

Friday, June 17, 2011

Xbox 360 Over 1 Million Sold In Japan

If you ever wanted a better example of why the East and West don't seem to comprehend one another, look at video game systems. The Xbox 360 has finally sold over 1 million systems, at 1.5 million, in Japan since it's release. The PS3 did that within a year of it's release, I think? But here in the U.S. the exact opposite happened. It just amuses me at how much a dichotomy is between the two. Can't we just get along?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Evangelion Video Game

First, apologies for the lack of posting over the next week or so. My computer is going to be sent off for repairs and I'm left with a Smart Phone. >.>

So the guys that made the Silent Hill games are tackling an Evangelion game for the PSP, one of the most notoriously popular, and mentally jacked up, anime franchises of all time. Tentatively titled 3rd Impact is a rhythm game compiling the last 3 Eva Rebuild movies. Yeah, I know. That's not really something you want to say when you're deal with big mecha's. But if you have seen the original series, there was that one episode where Unit's 01 and 02 were "dancing" to destroy one of the Angel's. So make of it what you will:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wii U Specs?

A Japanese website has supposedly found the details regarding the inner workings of the Wii-U. While it will be running on "old hardware" it still packs a punch in comparison to it's competition.

According to their sources, the chip is similar to the AMD R770, which was released in 2009. It'll support Direct X 10 and capabale of streaming up to 4 standard definitions of content.

That doesn't seem like much since we're at Direct X11 now. But keep in mind that the XBox 360 can only go as high as 9 and was released in 2006. So the Wii-U is definitely packing some new heat. It's also speculated that no DVD's or Blu-Ray on the "console," but it'll sport a long library of Nintendo goodies.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Guess Who Got To See Ninja Gaiden 3 This Weekend?

If you didn't answer "me", as in me-me the person who write this blog, then you fail.

Team Ninja was making a special appearance at A-Kon 22 this weekend for a Dead of Alive tournament and to show off Ninja Gaiden 3. It was a load of fun.

So first impressions are that it looks really pretty. I noticed that the gameplay felt much more finger sensitive, if that makes sense. I.E. there is no delay in when you press a button on the controller to the character's reactions. So you slice and dice with ease and speed like a ninja should. Like the past Ninja Gaidens, you know what to expect when you jump into the game. Lots of button pressing for "cut-scene" moments. Lots of blood. Lots of stabbing and some beheading. The kids probably shouldn't be in the room when you play the game. XD

The demo allowed us to view the first level of the game. Maybe not in it's entirety, but it sure was a long ass demo. One thing that did disappoint me was that Hard Mode wasn't Hard. At least not Ninja Gaiden Hard. Granted there is probably an Extreme mode that unlocks after completing the game on Hard. But most of the players were choosing Normal because it's Ninja Gaiden. We expect Hard to kick out butts and cause us to hit the "Continue" option on the first level. But not in the demo. My hope is that it's just because it's the demo and the real game will have a challenge for "Hard". As it stands, Hard and Normal modes didn't really feel any different. Other then it taking another second to kill a bad guy.

Otherwise, it looks really pretty on PS3. Even overheard the Team Ninja guys talking about how much better it was on the PS3 then the 360. And yes, I giggled at that. Glad that we all agree about the power behind the PS3. lol Good demo, I'm just hoping that they didn't dumb down Extreme mode this round.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

E3 Roundup

I realize this is a day early but I'll be busy starting tomorrow with a convention this weekend. So doing an early assessment of the past few days of E3.

Microsoft - Learned nothing new. Another change to the Xbox Dashboard to annoy it's user-base for a few more months as we figure it out and get use to it. Lots of trilogies and a Halo 4 video. I got bored.

Sony - NGP is officially called the PlayStation Vita. It'll act as a PSP upgrade with wireless capabilities via AT&T. To much of the groans of the audience. AT&T is still one of the largest networks in the world. As much as we all dislike it, it's popularity will keep people's interest. Sony is also released a special 3D television set just for the PlayStation 3 so that more people can take advantage of the 3D technology at a reasonable price. Even better are the glasses. Each set of glasses will show a different player perspective. So no more split screen. Each gamer will only see their character on the full screen. And PlayStation Home failed on the live streaming.

Nintendo - WiiU. Whoever came up with these names at Nintendo needs to have their head examined. It's not quite a new system, or a new controller, or a new tablet, but a mixture of all three. It has promise, but no tech specs, price point, or release date.

Who wins this round? Tough call. Nothing new has really been announced by any of the companies. All of the information was already somewhere, out there on the web. This year has been kind of flat. :/

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Nintendo With a U!

They're up on stage now. Of course I've missed portions of it because I had to deal with real world things. So I'll have a better recap later. For now the pieces I have seen include the following:

A special edition Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be released this holiday with a spiffy golden Wii Remote.

The Wii U (seriously, Nintendo is king of the worse console names) is a new controller that allows you to play with all of your Nintendo products in a new way. You can use it to move your game from your Wii to the controller and play on the go. You can draw with it. Use it as a new targeting system for shooters. Toss it on the floor and give you a new view of your golf ball for Wii Sports. Interesting idea. It looks like a giant IPad, but with thumb-sticks. lol

Nintendo is trying really, really hard to have more T and M rated gaming content. Ninja Gaiden and a bunch of shooters were shown. *Pst. Nintendo. Here's a hint. If you want these to work, ALLOW FOR ONLINE GAME PLAY GLOBALLY, NOT JUST LOCAL.*

Monday, June 06, 2011

Jack Tretton Says "We're Sorry"

Sony E3 conference is up. And if you're like me and watching on PlayStation Home, it's not up! Instead we're getting trailer fillers for products that have already released.

Jack has apologized on behalf of the entire company (bold man) and began by talking about how the PSN usage went up 27% last week. Well. Duh. Free games. Who wouldn't want that?

More to come as I watch on G4 since PSN is failing.

8:30-8:40: Uncharted 3. Resistance 3. It's the year of the trilogies!

8:43: PlayStation 24 inch TV for 3D, widescreen, duel-player (not split screen but special glasses). Available this fall with glasses and Resistance 3 will be available for $499 along with a 6 foot cable this fall. Not bad.

 8:45: Still nothing on PlayStation Home.

8:50: Kobe Bryant is on the stage for NBA2K11. Not in the finals (go Mavs!) XD

8:52: Up on PSN, but incredibly laggy. Lots of buffering. Just stick to G4TV.

8:53: Put on your 3D glasses kids! But what if you don't have any? Well you're foobared!

9:04: Sly Cooper is coming back. But didn't they show this last year? For Move? Or am I mistaken? >.>

9:15: Bioshock Infinite (3), Saints Row 3. Seeing a pattern, yes?

9:26: NGP is now called PlaystationVita (which means Life in Spanish. It's also the name of a German company that makes dental prosthetic). Vita will be linked with AT&T (moans in the audience) for better online communications.

9:48: New info for Street Fight vs Tekken. Will also be made available on Vita.

9:56: NGP will be on sale this holiday season for $249 and $299 (WiFi and a 3G/WiFi model respectively).  Still don't know what that means for us PSP owners. lol

And that's it. All the things we already knew. Nothing really new.../sigh. This is turning into a giant snore-fest. You can't end a show with "the best is yet to come" and cut if off! Yeash.

Microsoft Live

Currently watching on GameSpot. Within the first 2 minutes, we have the first glitch! The controller lost connection. XD

Not watching on because they want you to download their windows thingy. Yeah. Pass. I'll update this posting as it continues onward.

First 10 minutes: Modern Warfare 3 gameplay. Saw it coming a mile away. Still don't care about it.

12:41 EST: Welcoming speech. "Last year the biggest year in Xbox history." 5 bucks Sony will say the same thing about themselves!

12:43: Crystal reps displaying Tomb Raider demo. Very gritty and a lot of non-painful moaning. >.> But it looks a lot like the RE5 add-ons with the way the game moves. Pretty cool. Fall 2012 release announced.

12:50: Peter Moore being Peter Moore. EA going full on Kinect with sports. Attempted to do the South Park line, but failed miserably at the humor.

Mass Effect 3 time. So let's play the, we already knew that, game. Talking about MW3. Talking about ME3. Talking about another Tom Clancy game. Talking about the same EA sports games. 30 minutes in and I'm ready to do something else. Time for more sewing!

More about the "new Xbox experience." Which they do every year. Anyone else get creeped out when you talk to your Xbox like it's a human being? "Xbox Play. No PLAY. P. L. A. Y. No I didn't say LEGO!"

1:11: Exclusive titles time. Gears of War 3 (Already knew about it).  Remastered Halo Anniversary (knew that). Forza 4 (knew that). Another Fable.

1:28: Now this is something that IS new. Sort of. Minecraft is coming to Xbox Live! For reals. It's been talked about but now official, official. lol

1:30: More Kinect stuff. Here's a good rule Microsoft. If you're going to have kids come on the stage, don't give them lines to remember. That play-by-play from the kids sounded super fake. And there's Kinect Star Wars. Again. It was suppose to be out last year. /clap Also, not holding the lightsabers correctly.

1:56: More Kinect. Dance Central 2 (knew that). Sports 2 (knew that).  Ending with a teaser for Halo 4. (knew that).

Ok Yeah. Microsoft. I'd like 2 hours of my life back please. I gained nothing out of your press conference that we didn't already know.

E3 Starting Up Today!

I realize that it "officially" starts on the 7th, but the big three in the consoles have been trying every year to one up each other and start a day earlier. First it was Microsoft. Then Sony tried to out-do them. Now Nintendo is starting earlier then usual. Not until the 7th as is their tradition, but earlier then what's considered "normal" for them.

If you'd like to watch online or on tv, you can view the multiple options here:

Don't forget that if you have a PS3, Sony will stream their casting live through PlayStation Home. Assuming it's working today. >.>

Friday, June 03, 2011

The Rise, And Fall, And Rise Again of E3.

It's starting next week. Time really does fly! Though it feels like this year a lot of gaming blogs are keeping it on the DL. We knew it was coming, but it didn't really hit me until this week that E3 was going on it's rampage on June 7th. Most publishers have already announced what games they'll be talking about. Just one look at the homepage of E3's website and you already know what to expect.

The only new things we'll really see this year is that the home audience will have greater access to the exclusive stuff. Sony's showing will be available via PlayStation Home for a more interactive experience. They'll also have a live blog of the event and playable demos through PSHome. It's enough for me to want to jump in and view this madness as it happens.

But onto my title for this posting. I found this article through CNET by Dan Ackerman, whom analyzes the history of E3 and what it means to the gaming industry.

E3 is basically the mecha of shows. Everything new and exciting for the upcoming year (most gaming cycles for studios and developers start in the summer) is on display to entice all to buy. For a while, E3 really was focused more on retailers and industry only groups. It expanded to include some of the general public (though this is still insanely limiting). The show has gone through ebbs and flows with how it approaches the convention. Some years it's all about big, flashy, get as many people jammed into the center as possible. Other years, it's keeping everything simple and to the point. The less, the better.

Trying to find a balance is difficult. I can understand why they want to go in both directions. The years where they keep it simple, interest in gaming takes a dive. The years where they go all out, the insanity makes us question why we still play games if it's just about flashy things. There's no easy fix to this.

So, what would everyone like to see at this year's E3?

I want a new Last Guardian trailer and a release date. I'm so sick of seeing the same footage over and over again for the last, what, 5 years? Just give us new images and a real date of release. That's all.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

PSN Is Fully Back Up Now.

Not including the stuff in the "Welcome Back" package. But services in North America and Australia have been fully restored. Yes they've been online for a little over 2 weeks now, but I'm talking about the PlayStation Store also. You may rejoice. Because I'm sure it'll be a while longer for Japan, at least.

...that's all I've got today. So scram. I've got me some Little Big Planet 2 to catch up on.