Wednesday, June 08, 2011

E3 Roundup

I realize this is a day early but I'll be busy starting tomorrow with a convention this weekend. So doing an early assessment of the past few days of E3.

Microsoft - Learned nothing new. Another change to the Xbox Dashboard to annoy it's user-base for a few more months as we figure it out and get use to it. Lots of trilogies and a Halo 4 video. I got bored.

Sony - NGP is officially called the PlayStation Vita. It'll act as a PSP upgrade with wireless capabilities via AT&T. To much of the groans of the audience. AT&T is still one of the largest networks in the world. As much as we all dislike it, it's popularity will keep people's interest. Sony is also released a special 3D television set just for the PlayStation 3 so that more people can take advantage of the 3D technology at a reasonable price. Even better are the glasses. Each set of glasses will show a different player perspective. So no more split screen. Each gamer will only see their character on the full screen. And PlayStation Home failed on the live streaming.

Nintendo - WiiU. Whoever came up with these names at Nintendo needs to have their head examined. It's not quite a new system, or a new controller, or a new tablet, but a mixture of all three. It has promise, but no tech specs, price point, or release date.

Who wins this round? Tough call. Nothing new has really been announced by any of the companies. All of the information was already somewhere, out there on the web. This year has been kind of flat. :/


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